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Volunteering Bay of Plenty

Volunteering Bay of Plenty

Website: volbop.org.nz

Tel: 07 571 3714

Volunteering Bay of Plenty exists to nurture and champion excellence in Volunteering across the Bay of Plenty region so they can continue to make the enormous contribution (>$4billion) to the economy.

They provide vital advocacy and consulting services that equip and connect communities to enable Volunteering excellence.

They believe that all Volunteers are Superheroes who play an important role in contributing to our community. And every superhero needs a CAPE! Hence, their Strategic Framework is inspired by the acronym C.A.P.E. (Connect, Advocate, Protect and Educate) and guides everything we do at Volunteering Bay of Plenty.

Volunteer Engaging Organisations have great needs for training and consulting services to ensure best practice standards so they can recruit, retain, motivate, develop, and maintain Volunteers in inclusive, safe environments.

Volunteers need training on their rights and obligations in the workplace, employability skills including emotional intelligence and WHS.