Colin Toop

1918 - 2006

Colin Toop was born in Wanganui and had a successful army career, rising to the rank of major, and was awarded a MID at the end of WWII.

Upon his return from the war he married and had one son, Clive, who was tragically killed at just 23 in a hunting accident.

Colin and his wife Patricia moved to Tauranga, and in his later years, he began to consider how he could make a gift in his will to benefit his local community.

The Acorn Foundation was established in Tauranga in 2003, and Colin discovered that it would provide the ideal vehicle for him.

“The time had come for a revision of my will and of my thinking, as to how I could best leave a legacy for local causes and some personal interests. The aims and objectives of the Acorn Foundation fulfill my requirements exactly, and I can also indicate any particular cause I would like my funds to be directed towards.”

Colin elected to name his fund in honour of his wife Patricia and his son Clive. Each year now, around $50,000 is distributed on behalf of his fund, to worthy causes in the Tauranga region.