Paul Goodyear

1958 - 2015

Paul had an international upbringing, with his father a Kiwi and his mother from Iowa in the USA. He was born in Canada, came to New Zealand before he was two, and left after three years, living in Iraq, Egypt, Cyprus, and then in France.

He returned to New Zealand in 1977 and studied mathematics and physics at the University of Auckland, gaining a B.Sc. with honours in mathematics. He showed exceptional promise and was awarded one of the very few New Zealand Government scholarships available for study for a Ph.D., anywhere in the world.

He was admitted to Harvard University in the USA, and in 1982, began his Ph.D. studies. Unfortunately, after a year there, he developed mental health problems that were later diagnosed as schizophrenia, and he returned to New Zealand. Harvard awarded him an MA degree for the work that he had completed.

Paul was briefly employed in various roles, but his illness meant that he could not cope with regular employment.

Paul was put under the care of mental health services and lived with others in supervised houses for the rest of his life. He was always gentle and polite, and he was well liked by all who met him.

Distributions from the Paul Goodyear Fund will assist children to extend themselves in education, particularly in mathematics and science.


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