Elvira Macrae


Elvira was born and grew up in Gisborne. From a very early age she developed a deep love for ballet. Her career nearly derailed at the very start when she wanted to be a fairy in a pantomime, but was instead cast as one of the three little pigs! However she overcame this near false start and went on to become a very accomplished performer.

When her ballet teacher was unable to continue when war broke out, a 14-year-old Elvira took over the classes in Gisborne – the start of a long and richly rewarding teaching career, which continued for the next 40-plus years.  Elvira manged to juggle looking after her invalid mother, office work from Monday to Friday, and teaching after work and on Saturdays, until she finally acquired her own dance studio in Gisborne. 

She married and had three children, and moved with her young family to live in Tauranga, where her husband George, together with Bob Page, set up Page & Macrae Engineering. Elvira continued teaching dance and adjudicating competitions across the North Island for many more years. 

Elvira took great pride in instilling a love of music and dance in her pupils, and giving them a sense of discipline and an appreciation for the arts.

The Elvira Macrae Fund will support those most in need in our community. 

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