Haine Family Fund

Bob and Eileen Haine married in September 1943 and lived in the Bay of Plenty.  They had five children—two boys and three girls—who went on to give them twelve grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren.

Both Bob and Eileen worked very hard throughout their lives.  While Bob was away deep sea fishing, Eileen took care of the family, milked the cows, helped to develop and run the orchard, sewed clothes for the children and made do at times when there was little money.

After serving in the war, Bob came back with poor health but soon found his feet.  He farmed, worked on the rabbit board, fished, made bricks, grew delicious mandarins and loved doing woodwork.

Bob and Eileen eventually retired to the Mount to enjoy their family and grandchildren.

The Haine Family Fund is a memorial  to Bob and Eileen.  The fund is intended for young people to learn, love and use all aspects of the outdoors.  It is their hope that the recipients  will develop into wonderful adults, parents and people of the world.

Bob died in  2016.