Ray and Elva Shepherd

Ray Shepherd was born in Fielding in 1915, and Elva was born in Whakatane in 1919 (her father was a farmer).  Both attended Feilding High School.  Thos Borthwick and Sons featured in their lives; Ray rose to be District Manager while Elva joined the firm in the office, met Ray and they were married in 1941.  They were an extremely close couple, good at outdoor bowls; in fact, Elva won the senior championship in Fielding.

Ray and Elva moved to Tauranga in 1974.  Ray's father had been a carpenter and those skills must have rubbed off on Ray as he bought and renovated houses.

Ray died on 20 September 1996 after a lengthy illness.

Elva has established the Ray and Elva Shepherd fund within the Acorn Foundation to benefit selected charities that are dear to her heart.  The Trust is also a memorial to her much loved Ray. The beneficiaries from the fund are Waipuna Hospice, St. Columba Church, and the local branches of the Heart Foundation, St John, the Blind Foundation and CCS Disability Action.

Elva passed away in 2011.