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Our foundation network

Working together

Through the coordination of the Community Foundations of New Zealand, our 16 community foundations are working together to provide resources that will make a lasting difference in our local communities.

15 other Community Foundations have been established in the following areas around New Zealand:

Northland: www.northlandfoundation.org.nz
Auckland: www.aucklandfoundation.org.nz
Waikato: www.momentumwaikato.nz
Eastern Bay of Plenty: www.easternbaycommunityfoundation.nz
Rotorua & Taupo: www.geysercf.org.nz
Gisborne: www.sunrisefoundation.org.nz
Taranaki: www.tekaraka.org.nz
Hawke’s Bay: www.hawkesbayfoundation.org.nz
Wellington: www.nikaufoundation.org.nz
Nelson: www.nbcf.org.nz
Christchurch: www.christchurchfoundation.org.nz
Ashburton: www.advanceashburton.org.nz
South Canterbury: www.aorakifoundation.co.nz
Queenstown: www.wakatipucommunityfoundation.co.nz
Clutha District: website to come