Peter Tinholt

Peter Tinholt holds governance roles in the business and community sector and was appointed to the Acorn Board in February 2015.

Peter says, "I feel very privileged to be a Trustee of the Acorn Foundation.  The fact that Tauranga has a rapidly growing community foundation such as Acorn, says a lot for the way our community is maturing and developing as a town.  The Acorn Foundation is about people giving back to benefit our local community forever.  Learning about those who have become donors has shown me that these people come from all walks of life and are not just the wealthy few.  Our donors are a wide cross-section of society, but all share a common vision to improve the community in which they live or have lived. Being able to contribute to make the Acorn Foundation even stronger and continue the vision of those who founded it is very special to me."

Peter is married to Karina and has two children at university.