Request a speaker

Request a Speaker

Are you part of a social club, a community or service club, or maybe just a group of friends who regularly meet for coffee? The Acorn Foundation regularly speaks to groups like yours. 

2020 was a unique year and there is so much for us to talk about, from the foundation growth story to the local collaborative funding for COVID response, to the Vital Update research that explores how our community is changing. Many groups have been particularly interested in how the community is holding up in light of the pandemic and what role community organisations have to play in the recovery.

Whether your group is only a few people, meets early in the morning or in the evening, or only meets at your club premises, Acorn can accommodate your requirements. We would love the opportunity to connect with existing and new supporters to talk about how engaged, generous members of the public like you are having a positive impact on the community in which we live. 

To request a member of the Acorn team to come to speak to your group, please do not hesitate to call us on 07 579 9839 or email