How we can help professional advisors

Client Relationships

The Acorn Foundation is a local organisation that has a unique understanding of both our community's needs and the many ways your clients can make an impact. We are well positioned to ensure that every gift your client makes is not only the right gift at the right time but is also personal, meaningful and fulfilling.

The Acorn Foundation is ready to support your work with clients. At no cost to you, we can: 

  • Consult with you and your clients on ways Acorn can help them meet their charitable and financial goals.
  • Provide printed materials about giving through the Acorn Foundation, including information on a variety of giving strategies.
  • Offer tips for discussing charitable giving with your clients.
  • Keep you updated via our printed newsletter which is produced twice per year with the latest news about Acorn and organisations we are helping and via our e-news communications.   Subscribe to the newsletter here.
  • Advise how Acorn can help with trustee succession planning for people with their own charitable trusts.
  • Accommodate gifts such as real estate, life insurance policies or shares, that are not easily transferable to other charitable entities.

There are a variety of ways for your client to give to the Acorn Foundation, from outright gifts to planned giving strategies. We can help to design the right plan so that they can make charitable gifts that allow them to gain tax benefits during their lifetime, while maintaining their financial security, and looking after family members.

Please contact us if you'd like to:

  • meet to discuss a client's specific interests 
  • receive an information package 
  • receive ongoing updates about Acorn Foundation
  • book an information session for your staff