Gift in Your Will

leave-a-gift-in-your-will480x480.pngLeaving a gift for the community in your Will by establishing an endowment fund through the Acorn Foundation is a simple process. Our staff will work closely with you and your family as you move through the steps of creating a fund which best fits with your long-term charitable goals.

Sometimes we’re not able to give as generously during our lives as we might like. Leaving a gift in your Will for a charitable organisation that is close to your heart is a really meaningful way to ensure that your legacy lives on in the community that we all love.

How it works


Donor approaches the Acorn Foundation to set up a fund.

We encourage a discussion of your plans with your solicitor and your family.


Donor chooses to leave a Gift in their Will or to give now and get a 33.3% tax credit.

Some donors choose both options in order to enjoy seeing the impact from their Living Giving efforts - it is entirely up to you!


Donor selects charities to support or allows Acorn to determine the areas of greatest needs in the community

You can change your distributions in the future without having to change your Will.


A named fund is established​.

A simple clause will have been added to your Will (or a Memorandum of Wishes for a family trust) that will come into effect after death.

Either Donor passes or Donor begins Living Giving


Donations are pooled and invested in perpetuity - Craigs Investment Partners manage the Fund.

Investments are made with oversight from Acorn Trustees and the Investment Advisory Committee.


Fund becomes active once it reaches the Acorn threshold.

The threshold for distributions is $50,000 if you have selected charities to support.


Investment income used to make distributions annually to charities - forever.

Distributions are made according to each donor’s wishes or based on Vital Signs research priorities.