The first 15 years

Our 15th Birthday

May 2018 saw Acorn celebrate its 15th birthday, with a fund of $21M that was supported by 300 wonderful donors. Since then, the fund and donor count has continued to grow rapidly. By June 2021, our fund had passed $52M, and our fund count was nearly up to 400.

Through the most recent distribution period in August 2020, $8.3M has been gifted to the community since Acorn's inception in 2003.  We are incredibly proud of the work Acorn has done so far and, on behalf of both the Acorn Foundation and the community, we are forever grateful to our extremely generous donors!  

To celebrate our 15th birthday, with funding assistance from Legacy Trust and the dedicated work of Liz French and the team at Tuskany Agency, we produced Acorn Foundation: Celebrating the First 15 Years.