$1.15M distributed to community organisations in 2019!

How the Acorn Foundation works

The Acorn Foundation has been working in the Western Bay of Plenty region since 2003, connecting generous people who care with causes that matter. We are building a charitable fund that will cater for the current and future needs of our region - forever. We are fortunate that we get to work with fantastic, kind and caring local people who are looking to contribute to our community.

To date, on behalf of our generous donors, the Acorn Foundation has given away over $6.5m since 2003 to local community organisations.

Our process in action


You decide to give, and you approach the Acorn Foundation

No matter your age, financial situation or background, there are many ways that you can have a real impact in your community through the Acorn Foundation. Contact us to find out more.


You choose how best to give to the community

We help you find the way to give to the community that suits your situation best. We will continue to keep you updated with information about how your gift is making a real difference in the Western Bay of Plenty.

Leave a Gift in Your Will

Look after your family and help others in need in our community

Workplace Giving

Have a positive social impact on the community you work in

Giving Circles

A great way to be part of a social group of like-minded caring people pooling financial resources

Giving Regularly

This option allows you to give smaller amounts, more regularly


You decide who to support

You select the community organisations you wish to support or choose to allow the Acorn Foundation to determine the organisations who are working to meet the greatest needs in the community as seen in the findings from the 2018 Vital Signs Report.

You can change your distributions in the future without having to change your Will.


Your Fund is established

Your fund is established, invested and then activated as shown below.

Fund established
Fund established

Look after your family while helping others in your community.

Donations invested
Donations invested

Using our Smarter Giving Model, endowment donations are invested in perpetuity. Our fund is currently managed by Craigs Investment Partners with robust governance by volunteer Trustees who are appointed, not elected.

Fund activated
Fund activated

Fund becomes active for distributions once it reaches the $50,000 Acorn Foundation threshold.


Your gift is provided

Depending on how you chose to give, your fund is provided to community organisations in one of two different ways:

Annual distributions made
Annual distributions made

Unlike a one-off donation to a specific charity, gifts to community organisations via the Acorn Foundation using our Smarter Giving Model are invested in perpetuity. Once a fund reaches the $50,000 distributions threshold, the investment income is used to make annual distributions to those community organisations, forever.

This means that a single gift from a generous donor will grow and continue to contribute to the community--FOREVER!

Donations that are tagged in this manner to specific charitable organisations can provide them with a lot of security. These groups know that they will receive this money every year through Acorn, which reduces the amount of money they need to raise--allowing them to get on with the good work that they do in the community.

Gift is passed through to charities annually
Gift is passed through to charities annually

Gifts provided via Giving Circles and in some cases, Workplace Giving, are passed straight to the chosen community organisations - annually.