Maintaining a stellar reputation and working with donors to achieve their philanthropic goals is central to the growth of the Acorn Foundation. All of our supporters are important to us: donors, professional advisors and those community groups who benefit from the generosity of the people who contribute to the Western Bay of Plenty.



  • Dean Willacy

    "Acorn does a great job managing this fund (and other funds). When the Emergency Services Club was initially set up, its goal was to raise enough money to buy land in Tauranga and build a fun camp for kids suffering from cancer (and for their families). A huge amount of effort was put in to raise the funds to do this, with the public making significant donations. Unfortunately the trust never raised enough money to realise its goal. While the camp wasn't built, Acorn has ensured the donated funds are both well managed and put towards a cause they were donated for. Thank you for your efforts."

    Dean Willacy / Cooney Lees Morgan

  • Erin Scarlett

    “…I want the opportunity to say thank you so much for emailing this wonderful news. We are so grateful to Acorn for their support not only financially but also in the community. This funding will go towards administration support for Brave Hearts.”

    Erin Scarlett / Brave Hearts

  • Mockingbird

    “On behalf of all of the children and parents at Mockingbird, I would like to thank the Board for the generous donation contributing to the service we can continue to offer this year. As a parent of two children attending, I can personally assure you that these funds have had, and will continue to have, a massive impact on our families.”


  • Geoff and Chris Olsen

    “We know that Acorn manages the investments well, they surround themselves with very ethical people in the community. This will enable us to leave a lasting legacy as the initial donation is always protected and will grow. They will ensure a good return for the community and it takes all of the hassle out of giving.”

    Geoff and Chris with Outward Bound scholarship winners, Oliver Kelly and Harry Shaw, from Tauranga Boys' College

    Geoff and Chris Olsen

  • Chris Tustain
    “I am happy to donate to organisations who help people who are struggling. However, I also want to reward those young people who are excelling at the top of their chosen activity.”

    Chris with 2017 SportsBOP Award winner, Morgan Ball

    Chris Tustain