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Setting up a Community Group Fund with the Acorn Foundation will ensure that your organisation receives a continuous income stream in the future. It’s free to set up and your supporters can donate any amount to your fund, at any time during their lifetime or in their will. 

Your fund begins generating investment returns immediately, which are re-invested to help your fund grow. Once your fund reaches the $50,000 distribution threshold, a portion of the returns are paid out to your organisation every year.

Because the capital in your fund is preserved, this means you can rely on a sustainable, passive, annual income stream - forever! 

Community Group Fund brochure       1-page info sheet

We’re here to help

Adding a Community Group Fund with Acorn to your fundraising strategy is a smart way to maximise your income. You can offer your supporters the option of leaving a gift in their Will to your fund. Donations made through bequests consistently represent a large piece of the giving pie. 

We can help you formulate and implement an effective bequest strategy to grow your Community Group Fund. 


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Join 50+ charitable organisations and set up your Community Group Fund for free today.

Simply complete the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) below and return it to us. Alternatively, we’d love to discuss further the benefits of setting up a Community Group Fund with Acorn.

See a full list of charities with Community Group Funds here.