03 Jun 2021

Craigs raises funds for helicopter trusts

Craigs raises funds for helicopter trusts

We’re so impressed with the team at Craigs who worked together to raise money for helicopter trusts around New Zealand. During the month of March, individuals and groups completed 50km a day either running, cycling, swimming or walking. This effort led to 1550 kilometres completed over the course of the month by each participant.

Individuals and teams from Craigs offices across NZ participated, and together they covered 43,000 kilometres over the course of the month, which is the equivalent of walking the length of the country nearly 27 times! And best of all, this hard work allowed Acorn to donate almost $28,000 to helicopter trusts around New Zealand on behalf of Craigs. In our region, just under $4,000 was provided to Philips Search & Rescue Trust.

Fantastic work, Craigs!

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