Our donors

Our work simply wouldn't be possible without the generosity of our donors. Thanks to these caring locals who believe in the power of sustainable giving, as of September 2023 the Acorn Foundation has distributed over $16.5M to the Western Bay of Plenty community and other regions important to our donors. 

Please scroll through some of our 425 donors below - and if you would like to learn more about becoming an Acorn donor yourself, don’t hesitate to contact us.

In memory of our donors...

It has been ten years since the first oak tree was planted at Cambridge Park in memory of Acorn’s generous donors. There have been 63 oak trees planted since then. Every year family and friends of Acorn donors have the opportunity to plant a tree to celebrate the lives of their loved ones, whose generosity lives on in more ways than one.

In true community spirit, Tauranga City Council provided the land, Tauranga Tree Company donated the trees and Arbor Care prepared the ground for planting and maintaining the trees. 

Our strategic

Acorn has a long-time relationship with The Tindall Foundation and Craigs Investment Partners. In our early years, financial support from Acorn’s administrative expenses enabled us to administer donor funds, continue to build the profile of the foundation and encourage potential donors to set up a fund.

Acorn has served as a The Tindall Foundation Local Donation Manager since our inception. On behalf of TTF we provide support for local organisations in both the Western and Eastern Bay of Plenty that meet the Tindall priorities.

Craigs has served as Acorn’s fund manager since the beginning, delivering a 9% average return over the past 10 years. As Acorn’s fund has grown, so has the support we’ve received from Craigs, with the establishment in 2021 of the Specialised Wealth Advisory team.

Our preferred

Acorn Foundation’s preferred suppliers work closely across a range of areas.

Besides providing excellent accounting services for the foundation at a discounted price since our inception, Acorn was housed in the Lellman Wearne offices in our early years, providing a home for our fledgling team.

William Buck is a company of auditors with a heart, working with many non-profits including Acorn to ensure that we manage our financial performance well.

These experienced web developers with a heart for the community have helped Acorn have a great online presence for many years.

Tuskany are a full-service marketing and creative agency based in Tauranga. The team at Tuskany has provided discounted services for Acorn since our early days, helping our brand to evolve and modernise over the years.