24 Nov 2023

Local Angels donate more than $50,000 to charity

Local Angels donate more than $50,000 to charity

The Sally’s Angels Giving Circle has donated more than $50,000 to 12 charitable groups across the Western Bay of Plenty, via the Acorn Foundation. ‘Angels’ is an apt name for the ten local women who began this Giving Circle back in 2016 as a way to make a difference in our communities.

Sally Morrison, who formed the Giving Circle, says that supporting local causes in this way is very fulfilling:

“We’re all like-minded people, wanting to do something positive together. And we’re all busy so we only meet up occasionally, but when we do it’s lovely and social. It’s incredible to think that our modest monthly donations over the years add up to $50,000. That just shows the impact of collective giving.”

This year, seeing the need in our communities, the members of Sally’s Angels chose to split their donation between two food security charities: Tauranga Community Foodbank and Good Neighbour Aotearoa Trust.

Nicki Goodwin, Manager at Tauranga Community Foodbank says the donation from Sally’s Angels has truly made a difference:

“Unfortunately, we have seen a growth in demand for our service as the cost of living is affecting many people who would normally not need our support. The donation from Sally’s Angels has truly made a difference and will assist us with buying nutritious food to support people who would otherwise have nowhere else to turn.” 

There are more than 2,500 Giving Circles worldwide. Emily Goulding, Acorn Foundation’s Corporate and Community Giving Manager, says this type of collective giving is becoming increasingly popular.

Giving Circles are a way for people to expand their social networks while also making a difference. With 10+ people pooling their donations, they can make a bigger, more meaningful impact for the local causes they care about. Sally and her angels have made a significant contribution to our community, which they should be very proud of.”

To learn more about starting your own Giving Circle with the Acorn Foundation, visit: https://www.acornfoundation.org.nz/give/give-for-today#give-with-friends

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