10 Jan 2019

Paraglider Josh Tingey's family have created a memorial fund for Josh, creating a lasting legacy for the fun-loving 'influencer of people'

When someone dies of old age, people say they have lived a full life and have left behind a legacy of community projects or offspring.  But when someone dies young, who had their whole life ahead of them, a legacy is something they don’t easily leave behind.

Josh Tingey passed away earlier this year in a paragliding crash back in February.

One thing, among plenty of other things that Josh had achieved in his 28-years, was him, along with his fiancé Bex Wotton, won Our First Home back in 2016.  Josh and Bex, along with Bex’s father Henry Wotton and Josh’s mum Theresa Tingey, took out a grand prize of $199,284. 

It’s been a long year for the Tingey and Wotton families, but as the year is coming to a close, they are wanting to talk about the legacy they have created for Josh.

His mum, Theresa, along with the rest of the family have set up a memorial fund for Josh, for as Theresa says ‘something good to come out of it’.

The family have created a memorial fund through the Acorn Foundation and are planning on helping youth organisations and groups in the community that share Josh’s interests and passions.  “He was an influencer of people,” says his mum.  “We want something good to come out of this and Acorn is an amazing vehicle to get the memorial set up and running.”

Theresa says for families that are in the same boat, instead of flowers, a memorial fund gift could be something really meaningful.

A memorial fund for Josh Tingey and his legacy in the Western Bay of Plenty has been set up through the Acorn Foundation and people are able to donate now at acornfoundation.org.nz.