07 Jul 2022

Partnership fund to simplify community event funding process within Tauranga and the Western Bay

Partnership fund to simplify community event funding process within Tauranga and the Western Bay



Local funders within Tauranga and the Western Bay of Plenty have established a new fund which will streamline application processes for community events.

The Tauranga Western Bay Community Event Fund launches today, and partners Tauranga City Council, Western Bay of Plenty District Council, TECT, Bay Trust, and the Acorn Foundation.

The idea for a collaborative fund came from successful COVID-19 response funds, and workshops involving funding partners and event industry members in 2021 when developing the Tauranga Events Action and Investment Plan, which is scheduled to be released this month. 

A total of $700,000 is available which is made up of a maximum of $50,000 per applicant for events held in Tauranga and a maximum of $15,000 per applicant for events held in Western Bay of Plenty. 

The combined approach aims to ease how community event organisers secure funding, as they can now apply for a significant amount from a single fund. Previously, community event organisers may have had to apply to multiple funders to reach their funding requirement. 

Tauranga City Council’s Community Services General Manager Barbara Dempsey says the move is a collaborative step forward in backing local events.

“We know residents and visitors love to attend events here and we know the benefits events bring to community wellbeing and inclusion. By joining with other funding partners, we want to make it easier for organisers to access funds that will result in great events," says Barbara. 

The new fund replaces Tauranga City Council’s Community Event Fund; however, its Event Support Fund, Major Event Fund, and Legacy Event Fund will remain open.  TECT will also continue to receive applications for major and legacy type events directly.

Western Bay of Plenty District Council’s General Manager Strategy and Community Rachael Davie is encouraging event organisers to take the opportunity to potentially secure funding for their events. 

“We’re proud to be part of this joint fund, which will make it easier for new events to take shape and allow much-loved existing events to continue. They provide a huge benefit for our communities - bringing people together and creating a sense of whanaungatanga (belonging) - so it’s important we support them,” says Rachael.  

Applications for an initial round of funding are open until 31 July 2022 and will support events for the 2022/ 2023 financial year. Applications will then be considered on a bi-monthly basis following the initial launch period.  

TECT Community Impact Manager Paula Hudson says they’re excited to see the launch of the Tauranga Western Bay Community Event Fund. 

"We are pleased to continue our collaborative funding partnership with the other funders, and can't wait to see the return of a vibrant events scene across our region." 

For more information and to apply for funding in Tauranga click here or for the Western Bay area click here.

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