07 Nov 2019

Scholarship: BOP Medical Students Scholarship

Scholarship: BOP Medical Students Scholarship

Congratulations to Kelly Stewart, the 2019 winner of the BOP Medical Students Scholarship.  Kelly was born in Tauranga, attending Mount Maunganui Primary, Intermediate and College.

Post graduation, she continued her studies to obtain a nursing degree, where she subsequently worked in the emergency department at Tauranga Hospital. Based on her experiences there she realised she wanted to continue studying and become a doctor.

Following her career change to medicine, she is currently at the end of her fourth year at Otago University, and undertaking her studentship at Burwood Hospital in Christchurch over the summer.  She will be the first doctor in her family and hopes to become a GP practicing in the BOP.

Kelly is delighted to have received the Acorn Foundation scholarship for 2019 and says the $4,000 scholarship will massively ease the financial pressure for her studies next year.

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