24 Jun 2024

Katikati Acorn Fund

Katikati Acorn Fund

The Acorn Foundation has established an endowment fund called the Katikati Acorn Fund.

The special appeal of this fund is that people who donate know that their gift will provide ongoing support to charities and community groups in the Katikati region, forever. It’s local giving for local causes.

Donations of any amount can be made to the fund, at any time. Donations will be pooled and invested with other Acorn donor funds in perpetuity. Distributions will initially be allocated by the Acorn Foundation Distributions committee, as part of its annual funding round. All distributions will be allocated for the direct benefit of charities and community groups in the Katikati region.

The Katikati Acorn Fund will begin distributing in 2024.

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You can help to grow this fund to ensure that Katikati Community Organisations receive a continuous income stream in the future. 

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