Why give with Acorn?

We believe our Smarter Giving Model provides a better and more lasting way for you to give back to causes you care about in our region.

Unlike a one-off donation to a specific charity, gifts given through the Acorn Foundation’s Smarter Giving Model are pooled and invested in perpetuity. Once a donor’s fund reaches the $50,000 distributions threshold, the investment income is used to make annual distributions to community organisations according to each donor’s wishes.

Put simply, our model means that a single gift from a generous donor will continue to grow and give back to causes close to their heart, year after year.

Community Foundations of Aotearoa NZ has created the CFANZ Fund Calculator – so you can see for yourself how your fund will grow over time.

Donating via Acorn Foundation can provide local charitable organisations with security and a stable income stream. Groups that are named by donors can rely on receiving funding every year through Acorn, which allows them to plan and budget in advance, while also reducing the amount of time spent fundraising – allowing them to get on with the good work they do in our community.

Our Smarter Giving Model makes your gift go further – for a bigger and more lasting impact in our community. 

Acorn’s Smarter Giving Model

Learn how the Smarter Giving Model works in this short, animated video.

Choose a smarter way to give

There are so many reasons to give with Acorn.

Donations provide an enduring, reliable income stream each year

to local charities, which allows them to plan and budget in advance. It also reduces the amount of time spent fundraising – allowing them to get on with the good work they do in our community.

Acorn donors can specify which causes or charities to support

or they can decide to leave the decision to the Acorn Distributions Committee, who choose recipient charities based on Vital Signs Research priorities.

You can choose to give to your fund during your lifetime

or to leave a gift in your Will. With a gift in your Will, you can provide for your family AND your community.

Funds are professionally managed

by Craigs Investment Partners with robust governance by volunteer Trustees who are appointed, not elected.

Economies of scale lead to better investment returns

and you can avoid the cost and compliance issues involved in running a private charity.

We’re financially self-sufficient.

No more than 1% of donated funds are used to fund our administration costs.

Sir Stephen Tindall talks about the benefits of donating through a Community Foundation like Acorn.

Your giving. Your way.

Whether you’re an individual, a family, an existing Trust, a business, or a professional advisor, there are so many ways to get involved.

Give for tomorrow

Leave a lasting legacy in our community by creating your own named endowment fund or by donating to an existing Community Group fund. You can give during your lifetime or leave a gift in your Will. You can also transfer an existing Trust to Acorn or set up a Corporate Fund. Find out which option is best for you.

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Give for today

Using our extensive community knowledge, the Acorn team can help facilitate immediate one-off gifts to charities for our individual and corporate donors, so you can see your gift at work in our region.

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Give with others

Join or create a Giving Circle with other like-minded people or set up Workplace Giving in your organisation – and see the impact of your pooled donations in action.

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