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Blind Low Vision NZ

Blind Low Vision NZ

Website: blindlowvision.org.nz/

Tel: 0800 24 33 33

Blind Low Vision NZ champions a life without limits by providing support and services to people of all ages across Aotearoa.

It's their mission to empower people. They are thrilled to share a world of incredible technologies designed to assist those who are blind, deafblind, or have low vision. From simple adjustments, such as enhancing fonts and contrasts, to the marvels of adaptive software and magnification devices, they offer a diverse range of solutions tailored to each unique journey. They aim to nurture freedom and confidence, empowering everyone to actively participate and thrive in their lives.

Discover a wealth of valuable resources on their website, where information is provided about various eye conditions, promote eye health, and offer everyday support to clients, such as an accessible library catalogue.