Our Recipient Charities

Sustainability Options

Sustainability Options

Website: www.sustainabilityoptions.org.nz

Tel: 07 544 1882

Sustainability Options is a social business with the core purpose to work for the benefit of others with compassion and generosity.  It provides free home assessments, with the focus of helping the community live in more sustainable living conditions.  Sustainability Options believes in the simple act of giving forward, acting with compassion towards those in our communities and kaitiakitanga towards the environment. Other services include:

  • Sustainable building advice
  • Healthy Homes Initiative 
  • Housing workshops and education
  • 20D repairs and maintenance programme 
  • Energy Wellbeing programmes 
  • Heater, blanket and curtain bank

Acorn Foundations funding allows Sustainability Options to address urgent needs in the community for warmer, drier, healthier housing that it can't address on its own. Much work is needed in this space including minor and major repairs, as well as healthy housing literacy.  Receiving funding which can be dedicated to these needs directly impacts the lives of people in our communities in a positive way.