Althorp Village

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For seventeen years Althorp has been in its development stage and now that both the Geriatric Hospital and Lifestyle Village are complete, the Directors are in a position to financially engage with the community as a whole.

The Munro and Church Families’ partnership began Althorp in 1999 with the view to create a vertically integrated environment for those entering their third age in life. Now complete and successful, the Directors have reached their goal of being able to “give back” to people less fortunate than themselves.

Identifying and prioritising worthy recipients created challenges to them so an invitation to Acorn was arranged.  Margot McCool’s short, but very professional, presentation convinced them that Acorn was the organisation that would and could meet their needs.

To leave a legacy as great as Althorp to the next generation is one thing but being able to create a fund that serves a community from today and into the future brings greater satisfaction and reward to all involved in Althorp's wider organisation which also includes Staff and Residents.