Our Recipient Charities

Bethlehem Baptist Church

Bethlehem Baptist Church

Website: bethlehem.org.nz

Tel: 07 576 2344

 Bethlehem Baptist Church has always had a high focus on families and children. The commitment made to young people has always been a priority with their weekend and mid-week programmes. As the church has grown, there’s been the ability to identify and serve different needs and ministry opportunities both locally and overseas.

Acorn has provided funding to two of these wonderful initiatives: Kai Manga and Place of Hope Counselling - Te Wāhi Tūmanako

Kai Manga functions as a blessing to people who may need prepared meals or non-perishable grocery hampers. It is run by BBC volunteers and is available only because of the generosity of others.

Place of Hope Counselling – Te Wāhi Tūmanako offers professional accessible counselling services to the community.