Our Recipient Charities

The Hub Te Puke (operated by EmpowermentNZ)

The Hub Te Puke (operated by EmpowermentNZ)

Website: https://www.thehubtepuke.org.nz/

Tel: 07 975 0157

The Hub Te Puke (operated by EmpowermentNZ) is a welcoming and safe community space fostering belonging and strengthening relationships.

The Hub Te Puke have a Foodbank that provides quality food parcels for families and individuals who need support. What started off as a small community FoodBank has since grown and expanded to include Food Rescue. They now provide over 5 tonnes of food a month to individuals and whanau, as well as community meals. The Hub Te Puke also have a specialist team of social workers who offer free support and advocacy.

At The Hub Te Puke, they have the privilege every day of seeing lives transformed and the power of hope bringing new life to those who are struggling. Whether it is someone without housing moving into a warm, dry home or a whanau who struggled financially now experiencing independence, each year is full of stories of real people finding solutions and restoration through the team's work at The Hub.