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Opus Orchestra

Opus Orchestra

Website: www.opusorchestra.co.nz/

Email: info@opusorchestra.co.nz

Opus Orchestra was founded in 1991 and plays a vital role in the cultural life of our region, providing performance opportunities for local professional musicians through concerts for local audiences. They wish to continue their commitment to enriching lives through exceptional orchestral performances in the Bay of Plenty/Waikato regions in perpetuity, hence the decision to partner with the Acorn Foundation to create a lasting legacy for Opus Orchestra.

Opus Orchestra regularly attracts nationally and internationally recognized musicians including Michael Houstoun, Simon O’Neill, Diedre Irons and conductors James Judd, Gemma New and Holly Mathieson. Renowned composers also enjoy writing for their very special orchestra and regularly include New Zealand music in our diverse programming.

Having a reliable long-term funding stream will enable Opus Orchestra to prosper long into the future. It will allow Opus to continue touring inspiring concerts locally and to develop its Opus Pathways programme, which supports development opportunities for musicians in all phases of their careers from secondary school through to the professional level. Support Opus orchestra in their journey to secure the future of orchestral music in our region.

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Opus Orchestra has set up a Community Group Fund with the Acorn Foundation. You can help them to grow this fund to ensure that they receive a continuous income stream in the future. 

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