Hawaiki Rising

Through ocean experiences and traditional Polynesian voyaging waka, Hawaiki Rising aims to increase young New Zealanders’ understanding of, and appreciation for, Maori culture, traditions, knowledge and worldview. They provide a platform where all cultures can interact positively and learn elements of kaupapa Māori while they experience sailing on a traditional voyaging waka.

Hawaiki Rising’s focus is on young New Zealanders, providing 8-day Youth Development Voyages for youth who range in age from 14 to 19.  The programme works to develop confident and resilient young people who are connected to their environment, culture, community, whānau and self-identity. Ultimately, participation in these programmes aims to give the participant the following skills: an increased knowledge and understanding of kaupapa waka; developed social skills to manage and sustain positive relationships with others through teamwork and healthy interactions; and an increased understanding of, and a sense of responsibility for, the natural environment.  

By the end of the programme, they will be able to demonstrate integrity, sincerity and respect towards kaupapa Māori. The participants would have learnt the art of leadership through problem solving, conflict resolution and establishing positive relationships. Cultural identity is important to these youth to enable New Zealand history to be preserved, and it allows them to develop a sense of belonging.

2017 funding was provided by the R Preston-Thomas Fund to assist Hawaiki Rising Voyaging Trust to deliver more successful voyages.


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