Live For More

Learning to surf has helped me remember it's never too late to make a change, and what I can make out of my future... instead of drugs, alcohol, violence, gangs."  These are the words of a recent 18-year-old graduate of the Live for More Tai Wātea programme.

Live for More is a charitable trust based in Tauranga that uses surf therapy to reach troubled young men and empowers them to turn their lives around.  These young men, ranging from 17-25 years old, are caught up in a lifestyle of drugs, alcohol, crime, gangs, prison and violence.  They often have had very difficult lives and the majority have experienced a significant amount of trauma. More than half have previously attempted suicide or been suicidal, and a third have spent time in prison. Tai Wātea, meaning "Waves of Freedom," gives the young men the opportunity to re-engage with positive people and healthy activities, allowing them to see their potential and giving their lives meaning and purpose.

Another graduate said "Surfing has taught me to take good opportunities and ride them just like the waves. It has taught me how to LIVE FOR MORE." 

Acorn funding is supporting Life for More so that they can continue to provide the clinical support and counselling to these young men, turning them into positive productive members of our community. 

In 2019 Live for More received funding from the Haine Family Fund.


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