Tauranga Community Housing Trust

Tauranga Community Housing Trust (TCHT) was established in December 2003 due to a growing concern around the lack of affordable, appropriate housing for disabled people and their families.  The issues at that time are still relevant today.  TCHT services are targeted at responding to identified housing needs and gaps in the community.

TCHT’s services include the provision of 

  • Transitional housing
  • Affordable rental housing
  • Specialist housing services for people with disabilities & chronic health conditions 
  • Housing Facilitation Service linking people to appropriate housing
  • Healthy Homes Scheme
  • Friendly Landlord Programme 

The biggest recent growth at TCHT was initiated with the Transitional Housing contracts funded by the Ministry of Social Development (MSD).  These contracts include a combination of motel units, private rental properties, and MSD-owned properties providing short-term accommodation for displaced families.  Families that may have been in private rental accommodation have been affected when the landlord has either sold the property or chosen to move back in, forcing a stable tenant to vacate.  In this competitive rental market, it is often difficult for these families to find alternative accommodation at short notice within their price range.  

This new relationship has resulted in Kainga Atawhai, 19 new two and three-bedroom homes that are being managed by TCHT on land leased from Tauranga City Council, built by Housing New Zealand and contract funded by Ministry of Social Development.  Nine of the dwellings were available for tenants on 19th December 2017, with a further ten available in March 2018.

Other than the recent MSD contracts for transitional housing, TCHT does not receive government funding for its community development, housing facilitation, or capital works projects.  The Trust only achieves the outcomes and improved level of community housing provision due to the support and ongoing commitment from the generous funders and supporters who appreciate our efforts.  

In 2019 the Tauranga Community Housing Trust was funded by the J&G Clarke and E Trowbridge Funds and the Acorn Vital Impact Fund.


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