The Salvation Army Tauranga

Acorn's funding provides The Salvation Army Tauranga the ability to support women and children's wellbeing, as well as people struggling with addictions.  The funding has supported a whānau social worker who, in 2018/9, provided 543 social work sessions to families.  These sessions covered a wide range of needs: relationship and parenting skills, budgeting, mental health issues, domestic violence, addictions, housing and employment.  As well as wages, the funding this year allowed The Salvation Army to strengthen training and supervision, which has included: keeping children safe, assessing suicide risk and danger, and improving cultural competencies.

The Addiction Services provides high-quality counselling for those affected by the harmful use of drugs, alcohol and gambling.  The Salvation Army provides support, challenge and encouragement to make a positive change for hope, direction, peace and stability.  Referrals are received direct from clients, schools, community agencies, lawyers, probation, the police, doctors and WINZ. 

Acorn funds are vital to The Salvation Army Tauranga.  Because these funds are tagged and guaranteed annually, it allows the organisation to plan ahead and budget, knowing that the contributions will continue into the future. 

In 2019 The Salvation Army received $41,593 from the D & L Caird, J Chappell-Matthias, J & P Laing, E Trowbridge and H & R Schleinkofer funds.

To date Acorn donors have contributed an impressive $250,000 to The Salvation Army in Tauranga. 

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