Anxiety New Zealand Trust

Anxiety New Zealand Trust provides support, treatment and education for those suffering anxiety, depression, OCD and various phobias and disorders.

Its team of workers and volunteers support children, youth, adults, older adults and families to reach their goals, grow social and emotional resilience, overcome self-stigma, and support the building of dynamic engagement in daily activities to support health and wellbeing.

Acorn funding went towards the 24/7 Anxiety Helpline, which is Anxiety NZ's flagship service - anyone is welcome to make use of this for practical support whenever they need. They also offer virtual services that Kiwis can access from the comfort of their own homes, connection via social media, website resources, virtual therapeutic intervention (as well as physical appointments in Auckland) and virtual peer support groups.

In 2020, Anxiety NZ received funding from the Chappell-Mathias and Preston-Thomas Funds.

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