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Tel: 0508 2355938

Bellyful Tauranga cooks and delivers free meals to whānau with babies and young children, who don’t have a support network and/or who need extra support. Having a new baby and a young family is hard work and these days many whānau don’t have the traditional support networks around them. Bellyful aims to ensure that all whānau in these situations can feel supported by their community. Having someone pop around with a couple of cooked meals can go a long way toward easing any of these stresses.

Acorn Foundation funding is important to Bellyful Tauranga as it assists towards operating costs to ensure more families can receive Bellyful meals. Without the support from the Acorn Foundation, Bellyful would not be able to continue to provide our services free of charge to our families.

This year, Acorn funding will go towards a year's supply of meal packaging and delivery bags, which means approximately 650 Tauranga families will benefit from Bellyful's meal deliveries


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