Cool Bananas Youthwork Trust

The Cool Bananas Youthwork Trust connect with children within the local community ‘Inspiring Kids to Excel’. They teach values that will help the children be the best they can be, and inspire them to excel, which in turn helps build a stronger, local community in each of the areas they visit. This is all done through motivating values-based programmes that promote a strong sense of self-worth, consideration and respect for others. 

Cool Bananas run 26 weekly 30-minute programmes in 16 schools, they have a leadership development programme in May, a holiday programme that takes place in July, an annual kids adventure camp in October, and a Christmas Show throughout November and December. They also have an online video initiative, called Blello, that reaches a worldwide audience on YouTube. 

In 2019 Cool Bananas received funding from the J Chappell-Mathias Fund.


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