Detour Theatre Trust

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Tel: 0284372849

The Detour Theatre Trust’s purpose is to be a force for the betterment of the individual, the family and the wider community. They seek to add to the social capital of our local community by developing the character, community spirit and artistic sensibilities of those impacted by their work. Through their work they aim to develop an individual's sense of belonging to the community, and engagement within it. 

The Detour Theatre provide opportunities for engagement with children from age 7 through to teens with weekly classes and weekend workshops for adults. Our community theatre shows (four per year) are focused on providing adults with opportunities for involvement in theatre by the community, for the community. Each show has a diverse range of individuals working together. These people come from all walks of life, background, and ethnicity and together represent the diversity of belonging in our community. 

The Detour Theatre also run weekly drama classes for adults and teens with intellectual disabilities. These classes give people in our community a unique opportunity for engagement in theatre arts. The participants not only learn new skills but also work on performances. These performances provide powerful evidence that everyone in the community can engage and contribute to the community, regardless of intellectual and physical abilities. 

In 2019 Detour Theatre received funding from the A Simpson Fund.


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