EERST - Environmental Education for Resource Sustainability Trust

EERST works with preschools, schools, businesses and communities to create a more sustainable future. Through education and action, communities can become more environmentally aware and live a more sustainable life.

EERST has four programmes:

  • Paper 4 Trees: Putting recycling bins in classrooms and planting native trees;
  • Water 4 Schools: Providing water tanks to schools and preschools;
  • Energy 4 Schools: Currently in development; and
  • Keep Tauranga Beautiful: Litter clean ups, event recycling, native tree planting in the Tauranga community

Acorn funding is used for the Paper 4 Trees programme, encouraging schools and preschools to recycle their paper and cardboard by providing classroom recycling bins.  Schools are rewarded with one native tree for every two cubic metres of paper diverted from landfill.

In 2019 funding was received from​ the J Friis Fund.

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