Good Neighbour

Good Neighbour is helping to facilitate the heart and soul of Tauranga.

Good Neighbour has four main arms – Neighbourhood Projects, Food Rescue, Community Kitchen and Community Gardens.

The Food Rescue service now diverts over 2 tonnes of food from landfill every week by collecting unused items from local supermarkets, restaurants and cafes and redistributing them to 55 charities and social support agencies.

Meanwhile, the garden and projects team completed 139 community volunteer events last year, delivered 104 tonnes of firewood to local families, and have established 174 garden plots across the city since 2014 – many of which are in local schools where children are learning about gardening and nutrition as a result.

“We give opportunities to people with busy lifestyles who want to give back. It’s about people doing a little bit – that might be volunteering for an hour or two a week, or getting stuck into a half day project here and there. I think it’s successful because it’s do-able.”

With help from Acorn Foundation funding, seven staff are now employed either full or part-time to run Good Neighbour and co-ordinate all of the projects and volunteers involved.

In 2019 Good Neighbour received funding from A Thorburn, C Toop, and the Acorn Vital Impact Fund.

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