Grief Support Services

Grief Support Services is a local agency and has been working in the community alongside people feeling the effects of grief in their lives since 1987.  GSS is located in Greerton, Tauranga and serves the Western Bay of Plenty region, providing counselling for children and adults.

Grief is a natural response to loss. It's the suffering felt when you are parted from someone or something you love.  You may associate grief with the death of a loved one – any loss can cause grief including relationship breakups, loss of health, miscarriage, retirement, safety after trauma, friendship.

GSS counsellors offer individual and whanau/family sessions to help talk about loss and grief in a caring way and help you to make sense of the change that is taking place in your life.  GSS also offers an eight-week bereavement support course “Riding the Grief Wave" and an eight week after suicide informative support group “WAVES”.

Grief Support Services has received over $25,000 in Acorn Foundation funding from the Mary Sutherland, D&R Godfrey, Joan Chappell-Mathias, Colin Toop and Tindall Foundation Funds.

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