Homes of Hope

Over 6000 NZ children are in foster care due to serious neglect or abuse and, despite best intentions, they are often separated from their brothers and sisters and can change families up to 3 times per year. 

Homes of Hope hold a long-term vision and aspiration for each precious child who comes into its care and are committed to keeping siblings together and supporting them for as long as they need, providing care which results in a life-long journey of supportive relationships.  Most of the children currently in care have significant needs as a result of their developmental trauma, and this requires skilled and consistent care, nurture and management.

Over the past 16 years Homes of Hope has supported and nurtured more than 250 broken young lives, children from hard places, towards healing and restoration with a view to becoming happy and confident young people who are able to contribute to their communities in meaningful ways.

“Building our children together – Manaakitia a taatou kura pounamu”.

Without Acorn’s excellent support, Homes of Hope would struggle to survive as it needs more than 50% from organisations such as the Acorn Foundation to meet its costs.

In 2019 Acorn funding was provided by the J Chappell-Mathias Fund.


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