Katikati Primary School

Katikati Primary School is a high achieving primary school set within a vibrant and supportive community, where teachers, whanau and the wider community work together to provide children with rich and diverse learning opportunities. It is future focused, continually striving to inspire and engage children, enabling them to develop self-confidence along with interpersonal and problem-solving skills necessary to reach their full potential.

As educators, one of the biggest challenges is to cater for the individual needs of its students. The funds Katikati Primary School receive from the Acorn Foundation enable it to utilise an online Maths programme which is individualised for each child. Without this funding, it would not be able to afford to use such sophisticated software which targets individual needs and helps to accelerate children's progress in Maths.

In 2019 Katikati Primary School received funding from the P Goodyear Fund.

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