KidsCan exists to meet the physical and nutritional needs of Kiwi kids affected by poverty.  1 in 5 children in New Zealand are living without the basics. 

Each year KidsCan needs to raise over $7 million dollars to provide it’s programmes to disadvantaged children across New Zealand. With very little multi-year funding, this is a huge ask. It is donations from organisations such as the Acorn Foundation that allow KidsCan to continue the vital work it does in local communities throughout the country.

KidsCan starts its work with children at primary school level and supports them for as long as they need it, right through high school in some cases.

"The distribution from the Acorn Foundation feeds hungry children, it puts warm coats on kids on wet winter mornings and shoes on cold, damp little feet. For children who have very little, this is life changing."

In 2019 KidsCan received funding from the A Simpson Fund.