Merivale Community Centre

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Tel:  07-578 6450

The Merivale Community Centre is a grassroots community-led organisation that was founded in 1993. They provide a range of social services and programmes to support Merivale and wider Tauranga. This Community Centre works alongside whanau to awhi them on their journey to build resiliency and realise potential. They have a strong focus on tamariki and rangatahi to support their development to build a community of happy and healthy kids. They also play a significant role in community development, connecting friends and neighbours to find local solutions to local challenges. The services they offer are:

  • Whanau Support: providing a range of different social services that are free and open to anyone to access. This includes access to social workers, Budgeting advice and food parcel referrals, counselling, Drs and Nurses clinics and support groups.
  • After School Programme: A free after school programme runs every day during term time from 3-5pm. All children are welcome from 5-18yrs.
  • Holiday Programmes: Their holiday programme runs for two weeks during every school holiday period, from 9-5pm. All children from 5-13yrs are welcome.
  • Youth Nights: Every Thursday and Friday evenings their youth workers run free, fun, group sessions to engage youth in positive activities with their peers.
  • Mentoring: They also run a mentoring service for rangatahi who are engaged with Oranga Tamariki – Youth Justice. 

In 2019 the Merivale Community Centre received funding from the J Chappell-Mathias Fund and The Tindall Foundation.


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