Multicultural Tauranga

Multicultural Tauranga promotes cultural diversity and harmony within the community. Its philosophy is that our community is stronger through embracing diversity (of culture, background, experience, skill, knowledge and talents. Its services and activities are therefore focused on strengthening understanding, cooperation and celebration of diversity as a key pathway to strengthening the community as a whole. 

Multicultural Tauranga strives towards migrants being able to settle in the community, through understanding the community in which they are settling, whilst also retaining, celebrating and sharing their culture. It also works towards developing communities that are accepting and welcoming of newcomers and are given opportunities to understand what migrants bring to our community. 

Multicultural Tauranga promotes and delivers several programmes and activities that are key to achieving its vision and purpose, through:

  • Information and advisory services (JP, translation, interpreter)
  • Skill development programmes (English language, self-defence, professional speaking, water safety, conversational speaking) 
  • Ethnic celebratory events (Living in Harmony cultural events, annual multicultural festival, citizenship ceremonies) 
  • Advocacy activities (Tauranga migrant settlement network, "Welcoming Communities" project, Council liaison). 

Additionally, Multicultural Tauranga is actively engaged in “The Welcoming Communities" project, a pilot programme jointly sponsored by MBIE (Immigration NZ), Ethnic Affairs and Human Rights Commission) which was introduced in five localities in New Zealand Aotearoa, including both Tauranga City and Western Bay of Plenty District Councils. 


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