NumberWorks'nWords Tauranga

For over 20 years, NumberWorks’nWords tuition centre has been helping students in Tauranga get ahead in maths and English, improving educational outcomes and, therefore, long-term opportunities for their students. 

However, local franchise owner, Leanne Rhodes-Robinson, is aware that this option is not available to all, as the cost of providing this individualised service is out of the reach of many Tauranga families.

NumberWorks’nWords tries to be community-minded through providing free term tuition vouchers to schools to use in fund-raising or for disadvantaged students, sponsoring PTA and school events, various children’s special needs projects/events, sponsoring the recent Parenting Show at Baycourt, and their long-standing involvement in providing free tuition to the ‘Homes of Hope’ children who want to attend (for over 10 years). 

In 2019 funding was provided by the J Chappell Mathias Fund.

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