Parenting and Life Skills Aotearoa

Parenting & Life Skills aims to improve family outcomes in our community, which now incorporates holistic family harm prevention. The key objective in their work, is to support and guide positive change in families through changing patterns and habits. They seek to break the long-term cycle of familial dysfunction by inviting individuals and their whanau to change, and to walk alongside them through that journey in order to embed permanent positive change. They also aim to significantly reduce and/or eliminate family harm (including violence). As well as aiming to upskill both parents with strategies and attitudes in order for them to manage their and their children’s behaviours. 

Parenting & Life Skills Aotearoa aim to reduce child abuse by supporting parents to maintain a peaceful positive environment over the long term. They reduce domestic harm (including physical violence) by teaching couples how to manage stress and conflict, and how to uphold each other’s mana, in their home environment and community. They also run a programme called Couples Improving Relationships which covers all aspects of intimate partner conflict. 


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