Parent to Parent


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Every year thousands of Kiwi families face the unique challenges of caring for a disabled family member. It’s a journey that is unplanned, life-changing, and often isolates them from ‘regular’ families and friends. Empowering families and whānau of people with disabilities and health impairments through support and information, Parent to Parent focuses on the wellbeing of the wrap-around family – parents, step-parents, caregivers, brothers, sisters, grandparents and wider whānau. When they each feel informed, listened to, and understood, they can then feel empowered, not only individually but as a strong circle of support for their disabled family member.

Parent to Parent receives contributory funding from government agencies, however it relies on philanthropic funding to run its services. Acorn's generous distribution enables Parent to Parent to provide much support to its families. The regions coordinator acts as a “First Stop Shop” or point of contact for families, as well as organising family days and other events. This support and these events help to build invaluable friendships and connections. It is so important that families have opportunities to share stories, connect with others who understand, and simply enjoy being a family.

Parent to Parent's services are free and confidential.


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