Parenting Place

The Parenting Place believes all children deserve to grow up in a loving, nurturing and positive environment where their full potential can be encouraged and developed.

We wouldn’t be able to do this without the essential support we receive from organisations like Acorn Foundation in the community.  Acorn Foundation enables over 45 Toolbox parenting courses to be run in the Bay of Plenty each year, contributing towards fee subsidies so that we can keep our course fees low and enable anyone who wants parenting advice to get it.  Over 400 parents attend Toolbox courses in the Bay of Plenty each year. 

Parenting Place, and Toolbox parenting courses, are all about equipping, inspiring, and supporting whānau to thrive. 

In 2019, The Parenting Place received funding from the M Sutherland, P&D van Loghem and L Wootton funds.

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