Tel: 07 987 0920

SociaLink provides a structure for research, innovation, collaboration, information, networking and advocacy for the social sector throughout the Western Bay. SociaLink aims  to build a thriving social sector through strengthening teams and organisations.

It provides an environment where social services are fully connected and organisations can collaborate.


• Organises networking and community events.

•Provides training programmes, forums and educational workshops.

•Provides a regular newsletter about relevant training, new social policy, events and legislation.

Many New Zealanders struggle with isolation, poverty, mental illness, addiction, housing, food insecurity.

With other strategic WBOP organisations SociaLink seeks to ‘map’ the social sector to better understand the 240 organisations and social services in the Western Bay of Plenty. It aims to improve the wellbeing of individuals, families and society. In 2019 SociaLink received funding from the J Chappell-Mathias and B Sutherland Funds. [Needs an updated detail here]


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